Monday, April 28, 2014

Nick Magnus "N'monix"

Country: UK
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelEsoteric Antenna
Release dateApril 28, 2014
  1. Time (6:23)
  2. Memory (5:24)
  3. Kombat Kid (6:28)
  4. Headcase (3:49)
  5. Eminent Victorians (7:01)
  6. Broken (8:05)
  7. Shadowland (2:51)
  8. Entropy (6:46)
Nick Magnus - keyboards, percussion, vocals on 4, voice of Richard of York (aged 6) on 3
Tony Patterson - vocals on 1, 3
Tim Bowness - vocals on 7
Kate Faber - soprano voice on 2
Pete Hicks - vocals on 5
James Reeves - vocals on 8
Steve Hackett - guitar on 5, 6, 7
Andy Neve - backing vocals on 5, 8
Rob Townsend - soprano saxophone and flute on 7

Nick Magnus makes a magnificent brand of melodic symphonic rock and together with lyricist Dick Foster, the pair craft top-notch Progressive styled songs that run the gamut of dynamics, from powerful and rocky to ethereal and grandiose, incorporating magical moments of sublime beauty and pure melancholy, touches of Celtic music and even some tongue in cheek humour along the way.
‘N’monix’ contains 8 brand new tracks, all with something different to offer a wide spectrum of music fans. It starts and ends in pure Prog Rock territory, and in between delivers a variety of quality tracks and instrumental stylings that touch on the edge of the main genre with the feel of his Prog past is never far away.
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Eminent Victorians

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