Friday, April 25, 2014

Psycrence "A Frail Deception"

Country: Greece
Sub GenreProgressive Power Metal
Release dateApril 25, 2014
1. A Losing Game (06:06)
2. Convergence (05:28)
3. Forced Evolution (06:10)
4. Moral Decay (05:35)
5. Subconscious Eyes (05:12)
6. Insiced Path (05:13)
7. Distance (07:37)
8. Reflection (07:55)
9. Hold Close the Flame (07:07)
10. Lights (Bonus Track) (04:36)

Takis Nikolakakis - Vocals
Thomas Kouris - Bass Guitar
Michael Aggelos Kouropoulos - Guitars
Kimon Zeliotis - Guitars
Timoleon Valsamakis - Drums

Through their music Psycrence attempt to combine the aggressiveness and heavy sound of 7 string guitars with melody and atmosphere. Influenced as they are by Dream Theater, Symphony X and Pink Floyd, they write music infused with progressive elements but which, at the same time, remains focused and direct.
Let’s concentrate on the album now, the first track is A Losing Game and begins with a melodic metal staple of piano and synth overlaying a light guitar, very nice and measured, then a crashing but calculated riff hoves into view to give some meat on the bones. The vocals kick in and, my, what impressive vocals they are, powerful and full of heart and soul, the guitars carry on riffing the hell out of everything and the drums are mean and moody, add in a suitably catchy chorus and we have some archetypal melodic power metal going on here, perhaps with a bit more added decorum. There is nothing out of the ordinary here but, there is definitely something hiding just out of reach that gives you pause and, as opening tracks on a debut album go, this leaves you wanting and expecting more!   
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