Monday, April 28, 2014

Sontaag "Sontaag"

Country: USA
Sub GenreSpace Rock, Rock opera
LabelEsoteric Antenna
Release dateApril 28, 2014
1. Empyrean
2. The Great Harmodulator
3. Spaceshifter
4. Harmodulation
5. The Minor Keys of Anguished Weeping
6. Serena Serenarum (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
7. Syn and Phonic
8. Interstellar Genocide
9. Chokuto
10. Glissandor
11. The Skull-Scraping Caterwaul
12. Aftershock Cacophony
13. Memoria Tenere

Richard Sontaag - various instruments
Ian Fortnam - voice
Milo Venter - drums
Amanda Cross - vocals

In the grand tradition of high concept progressive rock comes an epic cross-media hybrid where cerebral science fiction meets visceral rock ‘n’ roll. Sontaag’s eponymous debut album has been described as ‘the rock opera that Pink Floyd never wrote’, ‘a modern-day Tubular Bells’, ‘a prog-rock War Of The Worlds’, but no reference point or sound-bite nails its seamless combination of space rock, narrative spoken word, and evocative ambience quite as neatly as ‘sonic cinema’. Recorded in New York City and London, co-produced and mixed by Youth for Big Life Management, ‘Sontaag’ is a stunning and immersive listening experience. An evolutionary progression combining cutting edge sounds with classic dynamics, adapting the rock experience for today’s digital environment.
Arriving in a landscape where music, books and movies often co-exist on a single handheld device, ‘Sontaag’ represents a seamless fusion of the finest elements of all three. 

Interstellar Genocide

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