Friday, September 16, 2016

Thy Catafalque "Meta"

Country: Hungary
Genre(s)Experimental Avant Garde Back Metal, Electronica
Label: Season of Mist
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 16, 2016
1. Uránia (6:59)
2. Sirály (6:10)
3. 10^(-20) (4:02)
4. Ixión Düün (9:08)
5. Osszel Otthon (4:44)
6. Malmok Jarnák (21:16)
7. Vonatút Az Éjszakában (5:56)
8. Mezolit (6:30)
9. Fehérvasárnap (2:00)

Total Time 66:45

Tamás Kátai - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples, Programming
Attila Bakos - Vocals (1)
Judit Csere - Cello (2)
Ágnes Tóth - Vocals (2)
Balázs Tóth - Guitars (4)
Orsolya Fogarasi - Vocals (6)
Zoltán Kónya - Vocals (6)
Luci Holland - Oboe (6)
Gyula Vasvári - Vocals (7, 8)
Lambert Lédeczy - Vocals (8)

Drawing comparisons to other experimental metal like Ihsahn’s solo work or Kátai’s time with Gire captures the avant-garde spirit but lacks the sonic accuracy to convey the breadth of Meta’s style. Even turning to previous Thy Catafalque releases falls short as Kátai proffers material divergent from both his aggressive outings (Rengeteg, Róka Hasa Rádió) and the more heavily produced (Sgùrr). The trademark electronica-black metal mashup pops its head up here and there, but largely yields to a slower experimental approach. The drag races of “Szervetlan” past are nearly expunged from Meta, limited primarily to “10^(-20)” and the Fleshgod-infused “Ixión Düün.”  “Uránia” pays respect to its blackened heritage, but spends most of its seven minutes establishing a crushing symphonic doom environment that calls to mind The Howling Void more than In the Nightside Eclipse. “Mezolit” revisits that style at the album’s close, opening with a lumbering Sabbath riff for the ages. This methodical pacing benefits Kátai’s aptitude for crafting meaningful down-tempo passages and ensconcing atmospheres. Closer “Fehérvasárnap” plays (and reads) like poetry1 weaving a punctuated finality with the church bells and priestly incantations that regularly waft through Meta’s proceedings.
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