Friday, September 23, 2016

Second Relation "Eno"

Country: Austria
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Jazz, Funk
Label: Long Branch Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 23, 2016
1. Eno (4:48)
2. Labyrinth (6:10)
3. White Mirror (4:00)
4. The Essence Of The City (5:12)
5. Canvas, Color, Comfort (4:52)
6. Rebirth (3:30)
7. Countless Damages (4:25)
8. Familiar Surroundings (7:21)
9. Any Direction (3:52)
10. Second Hand Life (5:02)

Total time 49:12

Bastian B. Berchtold - Vocals, Bass, Cello
Daniel Fleps - Keyboard, Back Vocals
Simon Gstöhl - Guitars
Julian Nachbauer - Guitars
Michael Simic - Drums

Throughout, there is an undoubtable jazzy and fusion hue as evidenced on the engaging ‘Labyrinth’ with its shifting time signatures and jazzy organ fills whilst ‘White Mirror’ could even be Lee Ritenour in his late-seventies commercial heyday.
‘Familiar Surroundings’ is a good example of the band’s output.  The proggy passages could be Spock’s Beard but always grounded in the jazzy groove.
If Katatonia is now characterised by  Jonas Renkse’s broody vocals adding a distinctive air of melancholia to the proceedings, Bastian Berchold’s  jazzy vocals permeate ‘Second Relation’ and leave an indelible mark.
Read the full review by David Randall at getreadytorock.me.uk

Countless Damages


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