Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Karma Rassa "Talks to Innerself"

Country: Russia
Genre(s): Atmospheric Progressive Metal
Format: digital
Release date: September 13, 2016
1. Silver Faces (5:28)
2. Red Corridors (4:50)
3. From War To War (5:53)
4. The Endless Universal Hysteria (4:28)
5. Frozen Deserts (5:11)
6. Look For Me Behind The Wall (6:55)
7. My Sailing Vessel In Jupiter's Storms (5:40)
8. The Last Starfall (5:44)
9. Talks To Innerself (5:52)

Total time 50:01

Nagual - vocals, bass
Naar - guitar
Idegen- guitar
Albe - drums

 This is the second album by this St Petersburg quartet, and as was to be expected, the music is still mostly heavy, but it's like they added some layers of melodic melancholy and extra guitar. Now my taste prefers heavy, multi-layered music and a depressive atmosphere. It is just as if they knew that, and have made this album just for me! Karma Rassa have taken the next steps in songwriting, progressiveness, melodics and production. And the heart, don't forget the heart. No showing-off-ery, the composition is most important. Proggy heaviness with a groove and a touch of post-metal. 2016 Top 10 material. Excellent.  (Jerry van Kooten at weekendprog.blogspot.com)


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