Friday, September 2, 2016

Nosound "Scintilla"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Art Rock, Post Progressive
Label: Kscope
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 2, 2016
1. Short Story (2:24)
2. Last Lunch (7:00)
3. Little Man (4:38)
4. In Celebration Of Life (5:34)
5. Sogno E Incendio (4:44)
6. Emily (3:19)
7. The Perfect Wife (7:27)
8. Love Is Forever (2:51)
9. Evil Smile (4:33)
10. Scintilla (6:27)

Total time 48:57

Giancarlo Erra - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Marco Berni - keyboards, vocals
Alessandro Luci - bass, upright bass, keyboards
Paolo Vigliarolo - acoustic & electric guitars
Giulio Caneponi - drums, percussions, vocals
Vincent Cavanagh Anathema - vocals (4, 7)
Marianne De Chastelaine - cello
Andrea Chimenti - vocals (5)

Inspired by personal upheaval and a desire for change, Scintilla is an emotionally complex and musically direct work presenting a stripped-down set of compositions that mark a major departure from Nosound's trademark symphonic lushness and production precision.
Taking in influences from Post Rock, Shoegaze and Alt-Singer-Songwriters, the album imaginatively utilises a mostly organic and acoustic sound palette.
Musically looser and more sonically intimate than the band's previous releases, Scintilla's emphasis is placed firmly on feeling rather than technique.
Shifting from the uncharacteristic sarcasm of Love Is Forever and potent anger of The Perfect Wife to the dreamy sensitivity of Emily and the unusually uplifting Celebration Of Life, Scintilla represents the boldest statement of Nosound's career so far.
A cathartic album of emotional extremes, Scintilla marks the brave beginning of the second phase of Nosound's fascinating career.

Short Story
Sogno E Incendio 

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