Monday, September 5, 2016

Modern-Rock Ensemble "Touch the Mystery"

Country: Ukraine
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: September 5, 2016
1. Meditations (11:43)
2. What Will Happen To My Country? (3:02)
3. Touch The Mystery (19:50)
4. My Angels (Dedicated To My Wife And Daughters) (3:16)
5. Swamp (Recorded Live During The Jazz Festival In 1989) (9:51)
6. Meditations (Version In Russian) (11:43)

Total time 59:25
Vladimir Gorashchenko - synthesyzers, vocal, 12 str. guitar, el.sitar, el. guitar
Anton Kalugin (Hoggwash, Karfagen, Sunchild) (3) - synth guitar solo, rythm guitar in “shaffle”, effects
Max Velichko (Karfagen)  (1,3,6) - lead guitar
Igor Zakus (1,2,3,6) - fretless bass, fretted bass (3)
Alex Fantaev (1,3,6) - drums
Bogdan Gumenyuk (3) - soprano sax
Kostya Ionenko (1,6)- fretted bass
Sergey Puchkov (1,6) - tabla
Georgiy Cherkasov – cello (“Putnik” Mk 1)
Victor Golubets (1,6) - lead guitar from 10’24” (“Putnik” Mk 1), high-pitched voice
Gleb Czapkalov (5) - piano, synths. (“Putnik”  Mk 2)
Oleg “Chelya” Yaroshchuk (5) - guitar, acoustic & electric violin (“Putnik” Mk 2)
Victor “Jaco” (5) - fretless bass (“Putnik” Mk 2)
String ensemble (3): Igor Andrievskiy - violin, Andrey Pavlov - violin, Aleksandr Pavlov - viola, Vladimir Babutin - cello

Musical style of the band is a fusion of art-rock, jazz-rock, cosmic, symphonic and ethnic rock. Many talented Ukrainian rock and jazz musicians were involved in this project as well as a string quartet. "Touch The Mystery" consists mainly of instrumental pieces, some of them recorded at the end of the Eighties. The title-track presents a "musical biography" of Vladimir Gorashchenko, rather than just a 20-minute epic.
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