Friday, September 2, 2016

Emil Lamppu "Under the Open Sky"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
Format: digital
Release date: September 2, 2016
1. Arrival (6:18)
2. These Trees (3:15)
3. Skyward (7:03)
4. Passage (5:16)
5. Last Resort (5:27)
6. Compass (4:26)

Total time 31:45

Emil Lamppu

It Djents TV is happy to introduce you to Finnish musician Emil Lamppu’s debut release- Under the Open Sky. It is, as if, a concept album in hiding. You see, the EP, as well as the tracks are aptly named (and composed!), they suit the cover art and all this ties the package together making it feel whole.
The 6-track, purely instrumental EP meshes together elements from prog rock/metal, folk and black metal seamlessly. I’m not a fan of folk-y, acoustic stuff, but I have to say, ‘These Trees’ and ‘Passage’, the two slower pieces don’t stand out like sore thumbs, as moments of suspense and relaxation, musically speaking, are present throughout the other more action-packed ones. It wouldn’t surprise me, if Lamppu comes out with a one epic 40′ song for his next release, his storytelling capabilities are good and I hope to hear more for him.(itdjents.com)


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