Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fluido Rosa "Le Vie Dei Sogni"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Ma.Ra.Cash Records
Format: CD 
Release date: September 28, 2016
1. DNA (4:38)
2. Le Vie Dei Sogni (4:28)
3. Example 10 (5:11)
4. Antitesi (4:37)
5. Ivst (5:26)
6. Strade (4:57)
7. Ipazia (6:36)
8. Lamento In Morte Di Garcia Lorca (4:53)
9. Res Viva (4:50)
10. La Storia Degli Ultimi (5:57)
11. A Sylvia (1:35)

Total time 53:08

Derek Wilson - drums
Adriano Lo Giudice - bass
Roberta Lombardini - vocals
Maurizio Perfetto - guitar
Gabriele Marciano - vocals, acoustic guitar
Cristiana Polegri - sax, vocals
Danilo Cherni - keyboards, programming

Through a profound mix of emotions and music styles, Rock, Prog, and song format Fluido Rosa have tried to dig into the human soul and past the confines of rational understanding. The stylistic influences come from the diverse tastes and experiences of the band members. The most evident of which, is of course Pink Floyd in virtue of the fact they have played (Tribute Band) this mythical bands music for over twenty years.
Le vie dei sogni

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