Friday, September 23, 2016

Jorge Arana Trio "Mammoth"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Avant Prog, Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Math Rock
Label: Haymaker Records
Format: digital, vinyl
Release date: September 23, 2016 (digital), October 14, 2016 (vinyl)
1. Traffic Time Exorcism (1:33)
2. Speak, Beast (4:56)
3. I Don't Wanna Die! / Lil Exodus (4:57)
4. Bloodletting For Kids (2:49)
5. Golden Arrow (2:31)
6. Booth (4:22)
7. All My Friends Are Brown (2:59)
8. Overworld Map (1:44)
9. Mammoth (4:02)

Total time 29:53

Jorge Arana - Guitar, Keys
Jason Nash - Bass
Josh Enyart - Drums

Mammoth is a sophisticated blend of sounds and structures that challenges expectations, pushing the art rock genre into the world of progressive music with jazz fusion and math rock elements. Building on previous albums Mapache and Oso‘s use of playful genuine interaction in the patterned riffs and rhythms, Mammoth ups the ante by incorporating a tense and dark mood across the entire album. This album is aggressive, this album is frantic, this album is a true “bruiser”. “Speak, Beast” sets the tone, casting a menacing shadow of distorted lead guitar over brooding keyboard pads and drums that sound more tribal than belonging in a rock band. With Mammoth, the listener gets the feel that they are in an epoch not their own – they are in a world of gnashing tusks, embattlement, and ultimately survival.


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