Friday, April 1, 2016

The Enid "Dust"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Classical, Symphonic
Label: Operation Seraphim/Enidworks
Format: CD, digital
Release date: April 1, 2016
1. Born in the Fire (8:00)
2. Someone Shall Rise (5:11)
3. Monsters (5:25)
4. 1000 Stars (7:01)
5. When the World is Full (5:20)
6. Trophy (6:00)
7. Heavy Hearts (5:31)

Total Time 42:37

Joe Payne - Lead Vocals
Robert John Godfrey - Keyboards and Orchestration
Jason Ducker - Guitars and Bass
Max Read - Choir, Vocoder, and Programming
Nic Willes - Bass and Orchestral Percussion
Dave Storey - Drums
Dominic Tofield - Drums (2)
Zachary Bullock - Keyboards (3)

"Dust" is a conceptual album that combines progressive rock with almost musical like sounds, adressing the story of seven pointed stars, symbolising a broken symmetry. There is 'secular' and 'sacred', there is wealth' and 'poverty' and last but not least 'environment and consumerism'. In case all of these dichometies are balanced out there is only one thing that remains, which is 'love'. Each of the seven tunes reflects one of those mentioned themes.

From a musical perspective I must say that there are songwriters and composers. Godfrey definitely belongs to the latter. The seven numbers on "Dust" are more than 'just' songs. The album contains compositions that are coming with big melodies, tunes that are demanding and laid-back all in one. A band that I had to think of while listening to "Dust" was Queen in the "Innuendo"-days, not least because of the vocals of singer Joe Payne.
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Someone Shall Rise

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