Friday, April 8, 2016

Gracepoint "Echoes"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Metal, Hard Rock
Format: digital
Release date: April 8, 2016
1. Animal (4:25)
2. Spider (5:21)
3. Secrets (2:41)
4. Full Circle (6:49)
5. Somber (6:04)
6. Crucible (4:41)
7. Bittersweet (4:52)
8. July 4 (5:49)
9. Echoes (5:54)
10. Moon (2:33)

Total time 49:09

Matt Tennessen - Vocals
Stefan Radzilowski - Guitar
Lon Kunze - Guitar
Sam Van Moer - Bass
Lance Reed - Drums

These guitarists are trying very hard to meld hard rock and modern metal with something a little brainier in the tone of Dream Theater of Symphony X. The band still consider themselves a progressive metal band, but they’ve got the kind of accessibility factor that might see them easier distributed on the radio. Just in mere observance of “Spider” I could see such a song getting hefty radio play. Modern rock lovers around here seem to really love that Tool style, which we could consider progressive rock for the most part, but they like the kind of vocal approach and crunch that reminds them of some of the more simplistic rock acts they’ll hear on the radio. There’s no doubt that Echoes shows off some fantastic fretwork in addition to it’s potent drum compositions handled by Lance Reed. 
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