Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Escapes Me "Egress Point"

Country: India
Genre(s): Progressive Djent Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: April 27, 2016
1. Coalesce (2:42)
2. Maze Of Mutual Apocalypse (4:27)
3. My Reality (5:19)
4. Pseudo Showcase (3:54)
5. Flashback (4:28)
6. Avenge (4:44)
7. Empty Signs (6:48)
8. Killing Tomorrow (5:04)
9. Section 66 Part 5 (6:31)
10. The Truth Of A Lie (5:39)

Total Time 49:36

Shourav Kumar Dey - Vocals
Arindam Sen - Guitars
Sayan Ghosh - Guitars
Pradyumna Laskar - Bass
Sambit Chatterjee - Drums
Ustad Alla Rakha Kalavant - Sarangi (1, 3)
Prateek Shrivastava - Sarod (9)
Sudipto Paul - Keyboards (10)

With the opening song “Coalesce”, we’re treated to a nice mid-paced guitar sound that drives the short opening track, not to mention a nice sarangi effect which helps add a nice aura.  “Maze Of Mutual Apocalypse” follows with a djent formula that I wasn’t expecting compared to the start of the album.  It’s well put together but somewhat forgettable in the grand scheme of things.  “My Reality” follows with an approach similar to the previous track in delivery, but it amps up the technical aspect with a precision that was somewhat lacking previously.  There’s a well-placed use of the sarangi yet again in the background of the final minute of this track, which is used for atmosphere and not dominant over the other instruments.  “Pseudo Showcase” features a more chugging attack than the previous tracks with a nice technical pace when slowed down.  There isn’t as much of a djent influence, which is welcomed.  And at this point, I start to have my patience worn down considerably with the song “Flashback” going right back into the forgettable djent delivery that I grow wary of.  The band was starting to make some headway for me before this track started, and I was hoping there would only be fleeting glimpses of the aforementioned sub-genre as opposed to a deep homage.
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