Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Khan Tengri "Aeons"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Psychedelic, Space Rock, Krautrock
Format: digital
Release date: April 6, 2016
1. At The Mountains Of Madness (12:58)
   a) Arrival in Antarctica
   b) The disturbing scene at Lake’s camp
   c) The flight over the mountains
   d) In the aeon-dead Cyclopean city
   e) Fleeing from the horror
2. Kalpas (7:58)
3. Dualistic Stomp (5:23)
4. The Shining Sea (6:16)
5. No Beginning, No End (9:23)
6. The Holocene Extinction (5:28)
7. Hommage А Ligeti Et Feldman (5:03)
8. Maitreya Has Come, And All Is Renewed (5:20)
9. Silurian (10:38)

Total Time 68:27

Allister Thompson (The Gateless Gate)
Tim Timleck - drums and drum samples

The opening minutes have all the dread and foreboding of Lovecraft. An ominous drone with some swirling, barely audible chants mix with some skittering electronica to set up an atmosphere of impending doom. The eerie synths and drone provide a framework for some great guitarwork to build on....sounding like early Floyd and at one stage sounding exactly like a tortured scream. It builds into a kosmische soundscape, full of texture and atmosphere. What is evident is that early 70s German rock runs deep in this dude's blood, in both The Gateless Gate and Khan Tengri guises. The track culminates in some genuinely spooky wails and wooshes of synth...an epic track of kosmische horror.
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