Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Earthling Society "Sweet Chariot"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Psychedelic, Space Rock, Krautrock
Label: Clostridium Records
Format: vinyl, digital
Release date: April 20, 2016
1. Eddie (5:36)
2. All In A Dream (6:58)
3. When A Child Cries And Angel Sighs (7:22)
4. Sweet Chariot Part 1. (11:04)
5. Sweet Chariot Part 2 (8:47)

Total Time 39:47

Fred Laird - Vocals, guitars, upright bass, electric bass, tanpura, wood flute, samples, bouzouki, mellotron, monotron.
Jon Blacow - Drums
Kim Allen - Bass (3)

The album is opened with 'Eddie', heralded by feedback and spacey effects. It evolves into a space rock number with squalling guitar and snippets of spoken word samples... a solid way in which to start. 'All In A Dream' opens with some backwards guitar before settling into a pastoral, folk inflected number. The track is a beguiling mix...the vocals and vibe are pure folk whilst in the background you can hear more spacey electronica and the guitar meanders between folk and psych...the backwards motif is revisited giving it at times an eerie but psychedelic feel. It comes to an end in a beautiful dissonant manner...psych guitar and electronica melding to create a disorientating but blissful ending. 'When A Child Cries An Angel Sighs' sees the band hark back to early late sixties / seventies psychedelic folk. A lilting, bucolic melody is underscored by some sold psych guitar to create a hazy atmosphere of bliss. More backwards guitar lends proceedings a genuine psychedelic feel. This more pastoral side to Earthling Society is new, but most welcome. 
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