Friday, April 8, 2016

Poly-Math "Melencolia"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Rock, Math Rock, Post Rock
Label: Superstar Destroyer Records
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: April 8, 2016
1. Melencolia (13:35)
2. Ekerot (9:44)
3. Temptation Of The Idler (12:18)

Total time 35:37

Timothy Laulik-Walters - Guitar
Joseph Branton - Bass
Chris Woollison - Drums

 The opening track ‘Melencolia I’ is a sprawling musical odyssey more than it is a song, and throughout its 14-minute duration Poly-Math weaves in and out of more influences and genres than most bands can manage to do on a 40+ minute album. Defining Melencolia to one genre is nearly impossible, and it’s more than just post-rock and while the music also contains many progressive rock elements it’s not really a prog album nor do the songs sound dated in any way. Poly-Math delivers a fresh take on mixing math-rock, post-rock, and prog and ‘Melencolia I’ sounds just as much like Battles as it does King Crimson or The Mars Volta.
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