Friday, April 15, 2016

Favni "Windswept"

Country: Germany
Genre(s)Prog Folk
Format: CD, digital,
Release date: April 15, 2016
Disc 1
1. Yearning For You (6:46)
2. Fare-thee-well (4:23)
3. Leaf In The Wind (7:10)
4. Imaginary Necromancy (5:28)
5. The Visionary (7:07)
6. Summer's Over (7:55)
7. In The Grey (10:00)

Disc Two
1. A Rainy Autumn Day (7:43)
2. Leaving (7:33)
3. Cuiviénen [live] (11:52)
4. The Path (8:56)
5. In The Grey (8:32)

Total Time: 93:29

Jan-Peer Hartmann - vocals, electric & 12-string acoustic guitar
Nils Hartmann - drums, flute, guitar, vocals
Tom Glase - electric guitar
Falk Hartmann - 4 & 6-string fretless bass
Kirsten Middeke - viola, flute. vocals

Yearning For You opens the album with three minutes of instrumentation that would be highly reminiscent and almost nostalgic to those ears who have been acquainted with the classic sound of ’70s prog rock. Through its intro riff influenced by Pink Floyd’s Dogs, the song engrosses the listener with a promise of familiarity, followed by a long keyboard solo introducing the album’s signature ’70s feeling. This section, serving as a good prologue to what will come after, also functions in introducing us to the technical competence of its members. Following the introduction, Mellotrons and keyboards provide a hollow, eerie soundscape over the vocals of Jan-Peer Hartman, with backing vocals of Kirsten Middeke and synth melodies enriching the track. Moments of familiarity come and go with keyboard solos and synths taken straight from Pink Floyd’s golden era. Yearning For You serves as a safe yet well-composed introduction to the album.
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