Friday, April 29, 2016

Purson "Desire’s Magic Theatre"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Eclectic Retro Prog, Psychedelic, Pop
Label: Spinefarm Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: April 29, 2016
1. Desire's Magic Theatre (6:12)
2. Electric Landlady (3:53)
3. Dead Dodo Down (3:10)
4. Pedigree Chums (3:58)
5. The Sky parade (5:17)
6. The Window Cleaner (3:28)
7. the Way It Is (2:42)
8. Mr. Howard (4:08)
9. I Know (4:21)
10. The Bitter Suite (7:11)

Total Time 44:20

Rosalie Cunningham - Vocals, guitars
George Hudson - Guitars
Samuel Robinson - Keyboards
Justin Smith - Bass
Raphael Mura - Drums

Led by the gorgeous vocals and crunchy guitar riffs of Rosalie Cunningham, Purson weave all sorts of musical pleasures throughout Desire's Magic Theatre. The opening title track and "Dead Dodo Down" both bring forth images of not only the psychedelic San Francisco scene of the late '60s, but also the British pop of The Beatles and the early glam years of David Bowie & T-Rex, complete with swirling instrumentation and catchy, hypnotic vocals. "Electric Landlady" bursts with massive, Sabbath styled brontosaurus riffing, while heady saxophone adds a jazzy element to the intoxicating "Pedigree Chums". Silky Hammond organ & gentle piano permeate the lush, dreamy "The Sky Parade", one of the more prog based numbers here, and again another great vehicle for the majestic vocals of Cunningham. "The Window Cleaner" and "The Way It Is" are both pure '60s styled psych/pop, with quirky arrangements and charming vocal melodies that are instantly addicting, but it's not until "Mr Howard" that we see the beefier guitar riffs return, and it's only fleeting, again popping up briefly alongside some cool flute & keyboards on closer "The Bitter Suite", a very cool bluesy prog number that reminds of early Jethro Tull.

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