Friday, April 1, 2016

iamthemorning "Lighthouse"

Country: Russia
Genre(s): Classical, Folk, Ambient, Chamber, Progressive Rock
Label: KScope
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date:April 1, 2016 (World), June 3, 2016 (France)
1. I Came Before The Water (pt. I) (1:41)
2. Too Many Years (5:09)
3. Clear Clearer (4:35)
4. Sleeping Pills (3:43)
5. Libretto Horror (2:13)
6. Lighthouse (feat. Mariusz Duda) (6:13)
7. Harmony (5:18)
8. Matches (4:18)
9. Belighted (3:26)
10. Chalk And Coal (4:56)
11. I Came Before The Water (pt. II) (2:56)
12. Post Scriptum (2:43)

Total time 47:11

Gleb Kolyadin : grand piano, keyboards
Marjana Semkina : vocals, backing vocals
Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson) : drums
Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) : bass
Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Lunatic Soul) : additional vocals (6)
Evan Carson - bodhran and percussion
Andres Izmailov - Harp
Tatiana Rezetdinova - flute
Roman Erofeev - clarinet
Sergey Korolkov - trumpet
Oksana Stepanova - bombard
Philipp Saulin - Violin
Mikhail Ignatov - Cello
Strings Ensemble:

Anastasia Razumets
Aleksandra Svidunovich
Zhuldyz Bukina
Tatiana Kuvaitseva
Philipp Saulin

Aleksander Bogdanovich
Ksenia Ivanova

Mikhail Ignatov
Evgenia Ignatova

Double bass:
Alexander Kuznetcov

"Perezvony" Choir (featured on Sleeping pills):

Stanislava Sorokina, Svetlana Utkina, Yury Volkov, Maria Cherepanova, Elizaveta Levina, Anastasia Andriyanenko, Daria Severinova, Alina Vahrina, Anastasia Kavalerova, Nikol Zgeib, Anna Sokolova, Anastasia Malova, Sofia Liberman, Margarita Raspopova, Martin Sadomirsky, Svetlana Philippova, Serafima Chervotkina
Conductor and art-director: Larisa Yarutskaya

Revolving around the stunning voice of Marjana and the mainly classical music oriented wandering piano motifs of Gleb Kolyadin, the heart and soul of their compositions is so breathtaking in it’s simple beauty, and when additional elements are brought into play the end result can be stunning. Sometimes with a relatively simple detail, like the majestic orchestration replacing the piano as the supplemental backing for the vocals, which works great, or when orchestration, delicate violin textures or plucked strings supplement the piano movements to create arrangements one might well describe as classical chamber pop. But also when guest drummer Harrison flavor the proceedings with his elegant, sophisticated yet quirky drum patterns, often in tight interplay with the bass as well as when floating, haunting guitar solo textures are applied the end result tends to be beautiful, even if there are darker undercurrents at hand.
Read the full review by Olav Martin Bjørnsen at houseofprog.com

Chalk & Coal

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