Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sun Blood Stories "Twilight Midnight Morning"

Country: USA
Genre(s) Psychedelic, Space Rock
FormatCD, digital, cassette
Release dateJune 23, 2015
1. Palace Mountain Mirage - 5:27
2. West the Sun - 8:30
3. Found Reasons Found Out - 4:35
4. Witch Wind - 4:16
5. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Space - 1:40
6. Nightremor - 4:44
7. Time Like Smoke - 7:21
8. Moon Song (Waxing) - 3:32
9. Misery Is Nebulous - 6:56

Amber Pollard: lap steel guitar, vocals
Ben Kirby: guitars
Nik Kososik: bass
John Füst: drums
Judah Claffey: viola

At the moment in Sun Blood Stories‘ second full-length where it seems most likely that you finally have the album figured out — that’s when it turns. Twilight Midnight Morning, as a title, might well describe the varied moods of the release’s 10 tracks/50 minutes, but the actual front-to-back listening experience, from the count of three that seems to signal a dip into hypnosis to the fading guitar echoes that close, is more complex than a linear progression of hours, and experimental flourish of effects-laden viola from Judah Claffey, slide guitar, ambient feedback, drones, swirls, keys — whatever it might be — is never far off. There are stretches of Twilight Midnight Morning where the Boise, Idaho, five-piece revel in flat-out gorgeous post-rock melody-wash, as on the brooding contemplation of “Found Reasons Found Out,” with swirling guitar, dual vocal croon and a wide-open structure that, like much of the record, takes nothing away from its memorability or lessens the impression made.
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