Friday, June 19, 2015

Max Pie "Odd Memories"

Country: Belgium
Genre(s)Progressive Power Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJune 19, 2015 (EU), July 7, 2015 (US)
  1. Odd Memories Opening - 2:42
  2. Age of slavery - 5:17
  3. Odd Future - 7:50
  4. Promised Land - 4:52
  5. Love Hurts - 9:37
  6. Don't Call My Name - 6:42
  7. Hold On - 5:52
  8. Unchain Me - 5:03
  9. Cyber Junkie - 7:36
10. The Fountain Of Youth - 5:57

Tony Carlino – Vocals
Damien Di Fresco – Guitars & Keyboard
Sylvain Godenne – Drums
Lucas Boudina – Bass Guitar

The album opens with its title track; an instrumental ripe with a foreboding atmosphere and epic textures all cinematically imposing on the imagination. This type of beginning is becoming a common practice across varied metal offerings but when done right, as here, it makes a potent invitation into any release. As the track slips into the following Age of Slavery, a sizzling electronic coaxing colludes with rampant riffs and a melodic embrace of keys. The thick commanding rhythms of drummer Sylvain Godenne shape and invigorate the track further, framing the growling vocals of Carlino perfectly. The frontman’s diverse delivery is as magnetic as ever, some elements more powerful and potent than others but like the music, a constant lure that likes to stretch and push both song and musician. As the guitar and keyboard craft of Damien Di Fresco builds and expands its enterprise, the track blossoms into a sturdy and fiery encounter to really kick things off.
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Don't Call My Name
Unchain Me

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