Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Consider the Source "World War Trio (Parts II & III)"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock/Metal, Fusion
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJune 2, 2015
01. Aquarians
02. Many Words of Disapproval
03. This Dubious Honor
04. One Hundred Thousand Fools
05. Up to, But Not to Exceed...Whoa
06. You Are Obsolete
07. Tooth (Intro)
08. Absence of a Prominent Tooth
09. Brother Nature
10. 40% Gentleman, 60% Scholar
11. A Monument to Compromise (Faux Clarinet)
12. Ninjanuity
13. So Say We All I
14. So Say We All II
15. So Say We All III
16. More Than You'll Never Know
17. I'll Fight for the Imp
18. White People Problems
19. Tsim Sha Tsui
20. You Are Disappearing

Gabriel Marin- Guitars
John Ferrara- Bass
Jeff Mann - Drums and Percussion

World War Trio (Parts II & III) is the second installment of Consider The Source's epic grand vision. Following the dense, nearly 24 minute, five part composition that comprised World War Trio (Part I), this double album begins with the trio of masterful technicians' progressive rock, metal and jazz foundation, then draw from Middle Eastern and Indian traditions- balancing shifting moods and tempos, cerebral and emotional jabs and intellectual and primal pursuits- into a dynamic audio experience that has been described by one critic as "the soundtrack to an alien invasion".

Brother Nature
A Monument to Compromise

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