Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lubianka "Cerimònies"

Country: Spain
LabelTonzonen Records (vinyl)
Formatdigital, vinyl
Release dateJune 21, 2015 (digital), August 7, 2015 (vinyl)
1. Fins Que El Sol Es Torni Fum (5:36)
2. Sa Clau (2:42)
3. On Els Sants Es Tornen Esclaus (15:31)
4. Ouroboros (10:44)
5. Batec (4:29)
6. Stockhausen Melancolic Jazz (8:22)

Total time: 47:24

Aleix Braso - drums, percussion
Victor G. Roca - vocals, guitars, sitar, effects
Riccardo Parenti - bass
Victor Bonetarboli - sax, clarinet
Christina Garret - vocals

Barcelona band Lubianka, featuring former members of Venus Anadiomena, have released their second album, Cerimтnies. They begin with a basis in psych-rock, though the overall sound is eclectic, with an experimental edge, and looks to the future as much as the past. Fins Que El Sol combines experimental music, spacerock, funk, jazz, and heavy psych-rock. There's plenty of freeform improvisation and intense noise, but shaped into a coherent whole. Sa Clau combines bendy, surreal aspects and hypnotic repetition along with a style perhaps best described as psychedelic shoegaze. On Els Sants Es... begins with a spiritual, meditative sound, combining Indian-influenced music with relaxing drones, before giving way to a mixture of hazy psych-rock with drawn-out vocals, fuzzed-out wah-wah, spacey bleepery, shamanistic chanting, and heavy riffage. Ouroboros starts off as a chilled-out blend of drone, spacerock and ambient, before morphing into a wild psychedelic jam based around heavy guitar and organ, interspersed with echoey Om chanting conjuring up a vivid scene from a Himalayan monastery. Stockhausen Melancolic Jazz combines cinematic neo-classical music, electronic experimentation, and jazz of both the melodic and freeform varieties. An impressive, forward-looking album bursting with new and creative ideas (blissaquamarine.net


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