Friday, June 5, 2015

Mother's Cake "Love The Filth"

Country: Austria
Genre(s)Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock
LabelPanta R&E
FormatCD, digital
Release date June 5, 2015
1. Prelude (0:26)
2. Love the Filth (4:37)
3. Ecstasy (4:32)
4. Void (6:04)
5. Solar Wind (4:07)
6. Gojira (4:19)
7. Insanity (10:57)
8. The Filth (Mr. Kju & Mr. Waz Remix) - deluxe version bonus track (5:42)

Yves Krismer - guitar, voclas
Benedikt Trenkwalder - bass
Jan Haussels - drums, backing vocals
Georg Gabler - organ (3)
Adelheid Erler - vocals (4, 7)
Charly Maier - perdussion (3, 4, 7, 8)
Andi Haslacher - keys (7, 8)

The new Mother’s Cake album Love The Filth reverberates with a filthy and gritty sound. The trio not only breaks the mold musically – morphing their style towards more psychedelic and noisy regions – but is also taking up a distinct anti-establishment standpoint in their lyrics.
Mother’s Cake are mixing Stoner, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock together, conjuring their very own sound-cocktail without losing the feeling of their highly praised debut „Creation’s Finest“. The new material on Love The Filth is bursting with energy. The songs are suspended on the expressional voice and guitar riffs of Yves Krismer. Complemented by the groovy rythm section consisting of Jan Haußels (drums) and Benedikt Trenkwalder (bass guitar) Mother’s Cake take their audience with them on an exciting journey that attracts, enthralls and isn‘t losing it’s grip on the listener till the very last second.


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