Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Refuge "A Matter Of Supremacy"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Power Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelBakerteam Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJune 23, 2015 (digital), July 7, 2015 (CD)
1. A Storm Is Coming 04:52
2. The Cage 04:12
3. Calling of the Wind 04:43
4. Endless Night 05:37
5. Living in Anger 04:47
6. This Wall 04:46
7. The Raven 05:34
8. Empty Room 04:30
9. On Wings of Wax 05:05
10. Somewhere 04:17

Salvatore Chimenti - Bass
Valerio Ferrari - Drums
Simone Dettore - Guitars
Mauro Paietta - Guitars
Moz - Vocals

The band works from the solid foundation of classic melodic heavy metal and throws in the speed of power metal at times. Their sound can seem dense, even epic at times, with combination of twin guitar harmony in the riffage. This in turn is given additional power by a bombastic rhythm section; the drums are quite present and assertive.
Also, whether by guitar synths or in studio embellishment, there seems a subtle attempt at orchestration underneath, but my ears could be playing tricks on me. Then there's an abundance of ripping and soaring guitar leads, many in the neo-classical tradition. Mostly, however, they err on the side of harmony and following the melody rather than some wonkery of Malsteem widdling. Then there's vocalist Moz, yeah, he has only one name, not as cool as Bono, but it does sound like the ring name for a professional wrestler. Moz sings clean, has good melody, but often seems like he's fighting to stay above the music. With these elements considered, fundamentally, most everything turns on the guitar lines.
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A Storm Is Coming
The Cage
Living In Anger
The Raven

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