Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cymbalic Encounters "Exploration Of The Southern Constellation"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s)Progressive Rock, Jazz-Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release date: June 24, 2015 (Japan)
1. Magnificent Works (6:11)
2. Fictional Works (5:47)
3. Sun In The Night (The Days Will Last Longer) (7:44)
4. Gravitational Pull Into Sunyata (5:28)
5. Falling Off The Map (5:46)
6. Exploration Of The Southern Constellation (4:30)
7. The Gate Of Winter's Past (8:34)
8. Trip To Alpha Syntauri (4:51)

Mark Murdock- drums, Alpha Syntauri synthesizer and various synthesizers, percussion and backing vocals
John Goodsall (Brand X)- electric and acoustic guitars
Percy Jones (Brand X)- fretless bass
Hiroyuki Namba - synths and retro synths  (songs 4, 5, 7)
Preston Murdock- lead guitar (solo on songs 1, 2, 8)
Katsumi Yoneda- atmospheric guitar
Dave Juteau - lead vocal, rhythm guitar on bridge (song 7)
Junko Minobe- electric violin
Joe Berger- lead guitar (song 5)
Daniel Kubota- electric sitar (song 4)
Ed Clift- gongs
Mick Stevens- fretless bass (song 3)
Testuya Ueda - fretless bass (bridge on song 4)
Walter Roberts- cello (song 5)

 'Exploration of the Southern Constellation' offers some theme-based music with a jazz-rock to progressive rock attributes.


Web page
Proggnosis (Mark Murdock)

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