Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kingcrow “Eidos”

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Metal/Rock
LabelSensory Records(Laser’s Edge)
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJune 23, 2015
01. The Moth
02. Adrift
03. Slow Down
04. Open Sky
05. Fading Out Pt. IV
06. The Deeper Divide
07. On The Barren Ground
08. At The Same Pace
09. Eidos
10. If Only

Diego Marchesi - Lead & backing vocals
Diego Cafolla - Guitar & backing vocals
Ivan Nastasi - Guitar & backing vocals
Thundra Cafolla - Drums & Percussions
Cristian Della Polla - Keyboards & Synths
Francesco D'Errico - Bass

Opening up with the pre-release single The Moth, the album quickly shows its base sound, an eclectic mixture of prog and metal, but not quite prog metal in the traditional sense. By showing instrumental capability without showing it off with unnecessary wankery, Kingcrow falls right in that special middle zone occupied by the likes of Porcupine Tree and Riverside.Though they do experiment with sounds, like on the techno-muffled Slow Down, they never sound as if they’re experimenting, all the work comes across as polished and professional. As to the concept, Slow Down also delivers the heart of it, a typical scenario of us as a race being too absorbed in our technology and being pulled in deeper and deeper. The depth of the concept will take many more listens for me to fully absorb, as most of the best concept albums do. 
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The Moth
At The Same Pace

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