Monday, June 15, 2015

Anuryzm “All Is Not For All”

Country: United Arab Emirates
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
LabelMelodic Revolution Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJune 15, 2015
1. Mineral (05:20)
2. Full Agonist (05:36)
3. Humanoid (06:58)
4. Depolarized (06:06)
5. The Challenger  (06:58)
6. Oceans Apart  (03:57)
7. All Is Not for All  (07:35)
8. 199x  (06:21)
9. Impermanence  (07:00)
10. Perispirit (07:48)

John Bakhos - Guitars & Synths
Nadeem Bibby - Vocals
Miltiadis Kyvernitis - Additional Backing Vocals
Michael LePond (Symphony X) - Bass
Charley Zeleny - Drums
Uri Dijk - Synths
Christopher Chaplin - Orchestral Strings (6)

This ten track album, the second by this band from the United Arab Emirates, is divided into two “sequences”, each comprising five tracks. I didn’t consciously notice the divide as even by prog metal standards, “All is Not for All” is a substantial affair. In fact its multitude of rhythms and patterns and styles are so overwhelming that it might be a case of “more is less”. From calm openings, it breaks out into Opeth style prog metal, classic prog, harsh elements and even mild suggestions of symphony and ethnic elements. But most of all this has the emotional depth charge of a Dream Theater production and artists of their ilk.
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