Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lilium Sova "Lost Between Mounts and Dales / Set Adrift in the Flood of People"

Country: Switzerland
Genre(s): Instrumental Experimental Post Metal
Label: Urgence Disk Records, Cold Smoke Records
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: October 1, 2016
Lost Between Mounts and Dales (tracks 1-6)
1. Dimma (valley 1/6) (1:39)
2. Pakeneminen (valley 2/6) (3:39)
3. Scandens (valley 3/6) (4:46)
4. Ustabil (valley 4/6) (2:22)
5. Lavina (valley 5/6) (0:43)
6. Ofkæling (valley 6/6) (8:50)
Set Adrift in the Flood of People (tracks 7-10)
7. Invisible In Swarm (city 1/4) (6:56)
8. Forlorn Roaming (city 2/4) (5:20)
9. Sudden Craze (city 3/4) (3:20)
10. Scaffold Is Ready (city 4/4) (4:38)

Total time 42:13

Cyril Chal - bass
Timothée Cervi - drums
Loïc Blazek - cello (1-6), guitar (7-10)

The album opens with an eerie drone, which basically serves as a gateway into the complex and deranged music Lilium Sova produces. A cello appears, right before the track 'Pakeneminen' blasts off in perfect post-hardcore meets mathcore and noise rock tradition, if such a thing exists. I can hear influences from acts like Godflesh, Zu and Converge but just as much hints of free jazz and the heavy jazz of acts like Dead Neanderthals.
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