Friday, October 14, 2016

Violeta De Outono "Spaces"

Country: Brazil
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Voiceprint
Format: CD
Release date: October 14, 2016
1. Imagens (12:01)
2. Kevinland (3:03)
3. Parallax T-Blues (6:18)
4. Imagens (Reprise) (0:33)
5. Flowers On The Moon (4:53)
6. A Painter Of The Mind (4:58)
7. Cidade Extinta (10:51)

Total Time 42:37

Fabio Golfetti -  Guitar, Vocals
Gabriel Costa -  Bass
Fernando Cardoso -  Organ, Piano, Synth
José Luiz Dinóla - Drums
Fernando Alge -  Guitar, Backing Vocals  (5)

Spaces’, their ninth studio album, fulfills a trilogy started with 2007’s ‘Volume 7’, and consolidates the current phase of the band, a quartet, instead of the post-punk tinged psychedelic trio of the 1980’s. The new album introduces seven compositions and highlights two long tracks: “Imagens”, the album opener, a group-composed four-movement suite, and “Cidade Extinta”, the album closer, which gathers thematic elements from the band’s early years, transposed to the current compositional style. The ballad “Kevinland” exhibits melodical and lyrical simplicity, while the instrumental “Parallax T-Blues” offers a cosmic trip through layers of piano and glissandos, which lie upon hypnotic patterns rhythms. “Flowers on the Moon” was penned by Fernando Alge, from whom the group had already borrowed a few compositions on previous albums, and who makes a guest appearance on the song, contributing to it some of his inspired guitar playing. “A Painter of the Mind” is a promenade through the universe of swiss artist Paul Klee, being its lyrics constituted by excerpts from his poems. From Paul Klee comes also the inspiration for the album’s visual concept, based upon one of his drawings.

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