Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Reticent "On The Eve Of A Goodbye"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Label: Heaven & Hell Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: October 5, 2016
1. 24 Hours Left (0:46)
2. The Girl Broken (7:53)
3. The Hypocrite (8:28)
4. 19 Hours Left (0:51)
5. The Comprehension (7:03)
6. The Confrontation (6:45)
7. The Apology (4:56)
8. 10 Hour Left (0:40)
9. The Mirror's Reply (7:25)
10. The Postscript (3:26)
11. 2 Hours Left (0:52)
12. The Decision (6:48)
13. Funeral For A Firefly (7:16)
14. The Day After (5:48)
15. For Eve (3:48)

Total Time 72:45

Chris Hathcock - instruments, vocals
Carl Hathcock: narration
Juston Green: narration
Amanda Caines: vocals, narration
Dr. Nicholas Kenney: French horn
Matthew Parunak: trombone, trumpet
Andrew Lovett: tenor saxophone

Hathcock, who plays most of the instruments and performs all vocals, based the subject matter of this album on the suicide of his close friend Eve... Through 15 tracks clocking in at over 72 minutes of material, the countdown starts and moves through the wide range of emotions that Eve deals with in her final day on Earth, with tracks ranging from soft and melancholy, to pounding and bombastic.  The music would best be described as the most well orchestrated and emotional moments of Opeth and Tool.  And yes, although that is a very big comparison, it is definitely warranted.  The intense, uncomfortable, and unnerving subject matter of the album is felt in every detail of the music, from the forceful instrumentation, right through to the soft and tender lull of Hathcock’s melancholic and dramatic vocals.
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