Friday, October 28, 2016

Madder Mortem "Red In Tooth And Claw"

Country: Norway
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Metal
Label: Dark Essence Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: October 28, 2016 (CD, digital), December 9, 2016 (vinyl)
1. Blood On The Sand (5:22)
2. If I Could (5:16)
3. Fallow Season (4:12)
4. Pitfalls (5:20)
5. All The Giants Are Dead (5:11)
6. Returning To The End Of The World (5:56)
7. Parasites (3:12)
8. Stones For Eyes (4:23)
9. The Whole Where Your Heart Belongs (4:31)
10. Underdogs (7:31)

Total Time 50:54

Agnete M. Kirkevaag – vocals
BP M. Kirkevaag – guitars, vocals
Richard Wikstrand – guitars
Tormod L. Moseng – bass
Mads Solås – drums, percussion, vocals
Patrick Scantlebury - guitars

...it sounds like they have taken on a bit of a psychedelic tinge themselves, particularly on the bewitchingly haunting “The Whole Where Your Heart Belongs.” On “Returning To The End Of The World”, the band’s menacing crunch is balanced by Kirkevaag’s seductively melodic vocal lines, some of the more accessible of her career. She can still belt out wails just as powerful, even more so than when she was 17 years younger, but there is a blossoming tuneful sensibility that surfaces at least in part on every track. On “Fallow Season,” a crunchy guitar riff would likely have escalated into something fairly bombastic on an older album. Instead, there’s a graceful groove that ties it together with a smoother flow, despite the fact that the band does get worked up into some shouts and punishment of their instruments before the end.
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