Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Twenty Four Hours "Left To Live (A meditation on past and present perfect crimes)"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Musea
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 30, 2016 (digital), April 2016 (CD)
1. Soccer Killer (4:21)
2. Sister Never Born (6:13)
3. That Old House (4:52)
4. Splash (4:30)
5. Magic (4:07)
6. Ground# -3 (4:23)
7. The Big Sleep (4:43)
8. Under My Pillow (5:32)
9. Minimell (The Gecko Against The Monster Wasp) (5:45)
10. Upkeep For Your Love (4:07)
11. Perfect Crime (5:31)
12. My Friend, I Want To Kill You! (6:25)

Total time 60:29

Marco Lippe: drums, lead vocals (6), backing vocals
Paolo Lippe: piano and synths, lead and backing vocals
Antonio Paparelli: electric and acoustic guitars
Paolo Sorcinelli: bass guitar, classical guitar (3) and rythm guitar (6)
Elena Lippe: backing vocals
Giovanni Lombardi: jazz and solo fuzz guitar (7)
Andrea Valfrè: Hammond organ and synths (5), electric piano and synths (6), synths (1, 10)

The themes of Left-To-Live, which is announced by the band as a classic concept-album, are essentially social, but are faced with a dreamlike-paradoxical approach; the band in fact asks itself: "If all mankind had only 24 hours left to live, what memories would pass in his virtual mind before final passage?" The cover, a collage of powerful images, evocative of the great human tragedies, from the Inquisition to the great genocides, from the Crusades to the Jihad, from the extermination of the American Indians to the atomic bomb, from deforestation to cyber bullying, tells us just the "flash" that humanity would have before the final act. And there are not good memories or concessions to happy events, even in the texts of the most representative songs of this album, except for some references to love, and to an ethereal sister telling of his virtual family, as if they were the only lifeline, the only slender thread of hope, before the inevitable denouement.


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