Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tales Of Murder And Dust "The Flow In Between"

Country: Denmark
Genre(s): Psychedelic
Label: Fuzz Club
Format: CD, digital, vinyl, cassette
Release date: March 23, 2016
1. Tidal Waves (9:12)
2. Black Reflections (4:16)
3. The Devil Is A Poet (4:10)
4. Mirror (5:22)
5. Sisters (4:54)
6. Distored Ways (9:24)
7. Endless Repetition (4:38)

Total time 41:56

Christian Sinding Søndergaard
Kristoffer Vilsgaard
Simon Toftdahl Olesen
Jacob Korsgaard Jensen
Stine Kloster

What makes this album great is that it holds together as a piece. It’s an album, meant to be listened to in its entirety, in the track order selected by the band. It’s not a concept, beyond being a cohesive statement, but a fully intentional expression of where the band is at in 2015. It is a modern rock record, dutifully mixing together influences from everything that came before it, but not relying on nostalgia or kitsch, like so many other bands of their very broad soundscape do. How does one hash tag Tales? #psych-post-rock-drone-horrorfilm-ambient-shoegaze-noise-doom-folk-monastic-core…? I mean…Help!
The Flow In Between opens with “Tidal Wave” – an over 9 minute opus with a drone opening – there is so much going on here with nods to eastern music styles, monastic chanting, old-timey Appalachian music – it could be some kind of Bollywood horror film set in the old west – without the dancing and winking of course. Typical of Tales – the overall vocals (which are infinitely layered here) take a seat along the epic music accompanying it – sitting in a balance – yet one has to almost physically lean forward to hear what is going on. Sonically this is just what it says – a tidal wave of sound that builds and pulses, deadly and powerful.
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