Monday, March 28, 2016

Jimi Sobara "Infinite Soul"

Country: Bulgaria
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Blues
Format: digital
Release date: March 28, 2016
1. Crystal Star (4:52)
2. Space Vibration (3:57)
3. Infinite Soul (4:22)
4. Rock Me Baby (4:10)
5. Fly Charline (3:51)
6. Gravity (4:19)
7. Queen Of The Galaxy (3:07)
8. Pure Dimension (3:58)
9. Magic (4:20)
10. Secret Atmosphere (3:48)

Total time 40:44

Jimi Sobara

With a style that mixes elements of hard rock, prog rock, and trace elements of blues, the sound on instrumentalist Jimi Sobara’s 2016 album Infinite Soul captures a sound that is as complex as it is enjoyable to listen to.  It’s definitely a more aggressive sound than I initially expected: the title of the album originally had me thinking that it would have a slow, soulful vibe, but it proceeded to smack me in the face with a powerful guitar solo from the very beginning of its first track.
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