Thursday, March 31, 2016

Daymoon "Cruz Quebrada"

Country: Portugal
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Progressive Promotion Records
Format: CD
Release date: March 2016
1. Cruz Quebrada (2:28)
2. Fish Dissected (5:45)
3. Where It Hurts Most (3:38)
4. Shipwreck (8:26)
5. Whalebone (8:07)
6. Over The Cliff (1:36)
7. Thyme (15:24)
8. The River (25:36)
         The Mummy (1:04)
         The Single-Most Expensive Kiss In History (3:59)
         Headlong (2:09)
         I Abraham (4:33)
         Ghost (1:49)
         Severance & Down Falls (4:53)
         Indian White (5:02)
         Onward (2:05)

Total time 71:00

Fred Lessing:  Vocals, electric, acoustic & bass guitar, flute, baroque recorder, keyboards, percussion, angklung, African xylophone, blues harp, field recordings
André Marques: Acoustic & electronic drums, assorted percussion, keyboards, vocals, electric, acoustic & bass guitar,  field recordings
Bruno Evangelista: Vocals
Adriano Pereira: Clarinet
 Paulo Chagas : Wind instruments
 Luca Calabrese : Trumpet
 Nuno Flores : Viola, violin
 Thomas Olsson : Electric guitar
 Rita Simões : Vocals
 Trevor Lever : Spoken word
 Simon Harris : Spoken word

 The first half of the album called ´Out´ deals with all the suffering, with the topic of cancer and death. Fred Lessing wrote it before and shortly after the death of his wife. ´Fish Dissected´ reveals echoes of KING CRIMSON and GENTLE GIANT. In ´Where It Hurts Most´ the narrative structure alternates with clutching violin sounds. ´Shipwreck´ has a slight DIRE STRAITS-flair, ´Whalebone‘ is a dark songwriter-song.
The second half of the album (called ´In‘) leads Lessing back into his life, back into an entirely new life, without forgetting his old one. ´The River´ leads the protagonists back into the fast-moving time. With harmonica, increasingly emerging happiness in singing and Brian May-Memorial-Solo (´The Single-Most Expensive Kiss In History ´) life begins 2.0. The instrumental group played formidably on (`Headlong´), the mood caught up briefly again in their dark phase, although the flute slowly trying to lift the veil (´I Abraham´). Translucent as in ´Bonne Voyage´ it will not last, because the trumpets of hysteria hit promptly (`Ghost´). 
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Darkest Hour (excerpt from Thyme) 

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This is a charity project, all royalties go to a pan-European cancer association (Europacolon www.europacolon.pt, www.europacolon.com)

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