Friday, March 11, 2016

Obsidian Kingdom “A Year With No Summer”

Country: Spain
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Black Metal
Label: Season of Mist
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: March 11, 2016
1. A Year With No Summer (6:27)
2. April 10th (4:46)
3. Darkness (7:08)
4. The Kandinsky Group (10:31)
5. The Polyarnik (2:41)
6. Black Swan (4:10)
7. Away/Absent (7:25)

Total Time 43:08

Rider G Omega: Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Ojete Mordaza II: Drums
Zer0 Æmeour Íggdrasil : Keyboards, Vocals
Om Rex Orale: Bass
Seerborn Ape Tot: Lead Guitars
Jaime Gomez Arellano: Dulcimer, Waterphone (4)
Jr Morgue : Vocals, Guitars (8)
Kristoffer Rygg: Vocals (2)
Attila Csihar: Vocals (4)

The sophomore effort sees Obsidian Kingdom paring down their music; while far less extreme, A Year with No Summer presents a more unified front. The band haven’t quite added new sounds to their repertoire, but have simply streamlined their music into what most closely resembles a black metal-loving Riverside, something that I’m sure rings a Pavlovian bell for AMG. Though the approach here is far less rooted in extreme metal than on Mantiis, Summer isn’t a typical prog rock album at all, constructed of melodic snippets as well as post-punk dirges and heaving, doomy black metal. “The Kandinsky Group” confirms the band’s metal cred with a guest appearance by none other than Mayhem‘s Atilla Cishar, and though his only contribution is a rumbling whisper, the song lives up to the intensity required for such company. Like the album’s other lengthy tracks, “The Kandinsky Group” relies on minimalist grooves and slow crescendos, but even its funky guitar noodling and organs can’t undermine the foggy-eyed foreboding of the song.

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Black Swan

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