Friday, March 25, 2016

David Fiuczynski "Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Avant Prog, Jazz, Fusion
Label: RareNoise Records
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: March 25, 2016
1. Loon-Y Tunes (6:16)
2. Dance Of The UiraPuru (4:28)
3. Flam (3:49)
4. Q&A Solitaire (2:05)
5. Oiseaux JDillique (2:40)
6. Gagaku Chord Candy (6:58)
7. Waldstimmen (4:22)
8. Uira Happy Jam (4:24)
9. Organ Wren (4:44)
10. Loon-Ly Solitaire (7:22)

Total time 47:08

David Fiuczynski : guitars, keybards, percussion
Helen Sherrah-Davies : violin
Yazhi Guo : suona (Chinese oboe) and percussion
Utar Artun : microtonal keyboards, fender rhodes
Jake Sherman : microtonal keyboards, fender rhodes, piano
Justin Schornstein : electric bass
Alex ‘BisQuiT’ Bailey : drums and percussion
Rudresh Mahanthappa : alto sax (8, 9, 10)

Your sense of what is music gets assaulted starting with “Loon-Y Tunes,” which, amid all the birdcalls, sounds like Japanese-influenced jazz perfectly played except that it’s off pitch. Which, of course, is the point. It gets even wiggier with the guitar/microtonal keyboard patterns played on “Dance of the UiraPuru,” and the violin and suona afterwards take turns leading this strange brew. For the solemn “Gagaku Chord Candy,” Fuze and Guo play out the mystic harmony together amid a formal, sacred air appropriate for the classical Japanese Imperial music. J Dilla’s hat tip comes on “Flam,” with that flammed beat is turned on and off like someone playing with the switch. Set to the small interval notes, it’s like funk from outer space. All of these ideas and more are summed up on “Waldstimmen,” and then breaks down into micro-toned free jazz, as if free jazz wasn’t offbeat enough.

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