Friday, March 25, 2016

King Goat "Conduit"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Doom Metal
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: March 25, 2016 (CD, digital), June 15, 2016 (vinyl)
1. Flight Of The Deviants (8:42)
2. Feral King (7:23)
3. Conduit (7:33)
4. Revenants (9:22)
5. Sanguine Path (8:50)

Total time 41:50

Trim - Vocals
Petros Sklias - Lead Guitar:
Joe Parson - Rhythm Guitar
Reza G - Bass
Jon Wingrove - Drums

This band of Britons have crafted an album which successfully blends dark atmosphere, soaring vocals, ponderous builds, and an epic feel that compels a listener forward.
“The Flight of the Deviants” kicks Conduit off with a long intro and a bass-driven riff courtesy of the Blue Öyster Cult (+ Satan). Just when I’d written “Ghostcore” in the genre field on our promo sheet, however, vocalist Anthony “Trim” Trimming hit the chorus. Immediately differentiating King Goat‘s sound, Trim’s upper range and vocal tone is like a baritone version of Messiah Marcolin. I promptly wrote “Candlemasscore” in the genre field instead, and claimed the album to review. While King Goat obviously has differentiated themselves mightily from the Swedish kings of doom metal, the comparison is apt. Trim is a dominant force on Conduit, delivering a vocal performance that is dynamic and impressive. His approach is varied; growling, whispering, and raspy cleans define the different tracks. But while “Feral King” would stand alone because of a groovy intro, it wouldn’t be as good without the power of Trim’s performance. “Revenants” delivers awesome riffs, but it’s the deft touch with which Trim delivers the melodies—reminiscent of A Perfect Circle—that makes it stand out. Like so many of the best vocal performances, the melodies on Conduit are catchy, but never linear. Add in throat singing (whut!?) and Trim’s dexterous navigation of the band’s dynamic songwriting, and his performance is a vocal tour de force.

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