Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valerinne "Monumenta"

Country: Romania
Genre(s): Instrumental Post Rock
Format: digital
Release date: February 11, 2016
1. Edifice (11:16)
2. Palinopsia (12:25)
3. Solastalgia (12:43)
4. Terra Amata (10:30)
5. Downstream (16:32)

Total Time 63:26

Alexandru Daș - Guitars, Synths, Soundscapes
Liviu Stoicescu - Bass
Mircea Smarandache - Drums

... their most ambitious LP so far, the aptly titled “Monumenta”. I say aptly titled because the record is truly monumental in scope, both from a compositional and from a purely sonic point of view.
The first thing that comes to mind when first being introduced to “Monumenta” is the decidedly darker direction that Valerinne are pursuing on this record in comparison to their previous LP – “Arborescent”. Right off the bat, the opening track, titled “Edifice”, is brimming with menace – a fast, fierce, precise groove which almost serves as a warning – “beware of sharp edges, intense solar glare and abrasive surfaces”. And so it is, throughout the album as a whole, with stoic relentlessness.
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