Friday, February 12, 2016

Aloft "Dark Energy"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock
Format: digital, vinyl
Release date: February 12, 2016 
1. Kosmos/Kepler 78-b (5:28)
2. Glassing Effect (3:43)
3. Edge Detection (3:13)
4. The Neutral Zone (2:46)
5. Komarov (3:30)
6. Dark Matter (5:09)
7. Reentry (2:52)
8. Shepard (4:53)
9. Alpha Centuri (4:32)
10. Perpetual Motion (3:12)
11. Glassing Effect (Reprise) (1:48)
12. The Devil's Advocate (Bonus Track) (2:27)

Total Time 43:33

Wayne Byers: Analog Synthesizers and Effects, Guitar, Ebow Guitar, Organ, 12 String Guitar, Noises
Marc Byers: Digital and iOS Synthesizers and Effects, Guitar, Ebow Guitar, Bowed Guitar, Noises
Neil Byers: Bass Guitars
Eric Setter: Drums and Percussion
Rob Needham: Spoken word (2, 6, 11)

Dark Energy, Aloft’s first album, is a space-themed instrumental record stitched together from a range of influences including, among others, psychedelia, English folk, Brian Eno, Hawkwind, post-rock and spaghetti western soundtracks. A lot of the cracks between the instruments on the record are inhabited by a wide range of noises, a lot of them audio (mainly Soviet) from the space race and early satellites and a lot of them created by the band on various strange devices. 

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