Monday, February 29, 2016

Different Light "The Burden Of Paradise"

Country: Czechia
Genre(s): Neo-Prog
Label: User-Friendly Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: February 29, 2016
1. In the Grand Scheme of Things
   i. The Schemer Wakes
   ii. Letters for Alice
   iii. Happiness
   iv. The Stalker Walks
   v. Pascal's Wager
   vi. Out of the Goldilocks Zone
   vii. Together There
   viii. The Schemer Sleeps
2. Voice of Outside
3. A St. Martin's Summer
4. Eternal Return
   i. New Promise
   ii. At First Light
   iii. Nectar Junky
   iv. A Carpathian Day

   v. Default Setting Escape
   vi. Waking Moment
5. Transient Dream
6. Mare Imbrium
7. In Love and War
   i. Love
   ii. War
8. All for You

Total Length: 66:25

Trevor Tabone - vocals, keyboards
Jirka Matoušek - bass
Petr Matoušek - drums
Petr Lux - guitars, backing vocals

 ‘The Burden of Paradise’ is a semi-conceptual album that deals with the idea of individual freedom and self-acceptance. Its is comprised of 8 tracks, some of which are subdivided into shorter sections and is a return to the neo-prog style of their debut album ‘All About Yourself’, which was recorded and released in 1996 when main songwriter Trevor Tabone was still based in his home country of Malta. This album is definitely their strongest so far, both musically and lyrically, and displays the band’s excellent playing and songwriting skills with a brilliant modern production.
3 tracks

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