Friday, February 5, 2016

Electric Eye "Different Sun"

Country: Norway
Genre(s): Psychedelic
Label: Jansen Plateproduksjon
Format: digital, CD, vinyl, cassette
Release date: February 05, 2016
1. Silent by the River (5:06)
2. All of This Has Happened Before and Will Happen Again (6:13)
3. Mercury Rise (5:23)
4. Bless (4:15)
5. Heavy Steps on Desert Floor (7:44)
6. Never Fade Away (3:59)
7. Part One (6:09)

Total time 38:49

Øystein Braut - guitars, vocals
Njål Clementsen - bass. vocals
Anders Bjelland - keyboards
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde - drums

My main impressions are that this is a band very much in love with the psychedelic music of the late 1960’s and early to mid 1970’s. And then spanning the whole canvas of music described in a psychedelic context from this era, albeit perhaps with a stronger orientation towards the rock based rather than pop based artists in general, and with something of an affection also for music of a more challenging nature in those landscapes. Not that this is an album I’d describe as challenging as such mind you, but there are numerous small details here that indicates that at least some of the guys in this band know their way around music that focus much more on chaotic and freaked out arrangements than those revolving more closely around distinct melodies and harmonic constructions.
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Mercury Rise 

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