Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cartoon Theory "Planet Geisha"

Country: France  
Genre(s)Progressive Djent Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release dateFebruary 10, 2016
1. Hypnotic Nova's Dance (6:53)
2. O'Hanami 花見 (4:23)
3. Wizardry Mind  (7:10)
4. Planet Geisha I Sacred Geometry (8:28)
5. Planet Geisha II Hanamachi 花街  (2:56)
6. Planet Geisha III Maneki Neko 招き猫 (4:35)
7. Planet Geisha IV The Art  (5:29)
8. Planet Geisha V The Murmuring Of Tokyo's Anthill (5:54)

Total Time 45:48

Maxime Lathière : Programming & samples / Keyboards / Piano / Bass guitars
Juan Carlos Briceno Sanchez Aka Breeze : Guitars / Bass guitars
Travis Orbin : Drums
    With :
Plini : Guitar solo on Hypnotic nova's dance, Wizardry mind & Sacred geometry (left channel)
David Maxim Micic : Guitar solo on Sacred geometry (right channel)
Mathieu Ricou : Guitars and guitar solo on The art
Luke Martin : Piano on Hypnotic nova's dance
Zélie Tible : Lead vocal on Hanamachi 花街

Cartoon Theory is a modern progressive, groovy and ambidjent music project with cartoon-ish and asian vibes which has been created by Maxime Lathiere



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