Friday, February 17, 2017

Sloth Metropolis "Origins"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Prog Folk, Psychedelic
Format: CD, digital
Release date: February 17, 2017
1. Old World (3:11)
2. Across The Ocean (2:28)
3. Forest (3:39)
4. First Contact (3:21)
5. Thrive (2:39)
6. The Grove (3:44)
7. Swift Metropolis (7:01)
8. The Union (5:41)
9. Transmutation (4:37)
10. Aengus' Reward (3:37)

Total time 39:58

Alastair Milton - keys and sax
Lewis MacKenzie - bass
Steve McNamara - drums and percussion
Calum Calderwood - electric & acoustic fiddle, acoustic guitar, whistle and vocals
Nadia Palma - backing vocals
Randolph Edwards - backing vocals

Sloth Metropolis play an eclectic story-driven mix of progressive, psychedelic, folk, and world inspired rock. Their songs are tall tales, weaving surreal satire and every day observation into a mythology they call the SLOTH CYCLE. Their debut album ‘The Sloth Cycle (Volume 1)’ introduced us to the Sloth, as he woke up and explored the band's home town of Glasgow. In the EP ‘Move’, the Sloth was forced to go flat hunting, but found a mysterious manuscript whilst clearing out his old house. Now in the new album released this February, ‘Origins’, we open up the manuscript…

‘Origins’ takes us back 400 years ago. The alchemist Aengus Rudach is accused of witchcraft, but escapes across the ocean. He is caught in a storm and swept up on an unknown island. With the help of the Island’s two inhabitants—the Master of Mind and the Master of Matter, Aengus attempts to create a perfect utopia. The results don’t go as planned—in the search for perfection, he is transformed into a blissfully static Sloth.

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