Friday, February 24, 2017

Persefone "Aathma"

Country: Andorra
Genre(s): Atmospheric Progressive Metal, Death Metal
Label: ViciSolum Productions (VSP100)
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: February 24, 2017
1. An Infinitesmal Spark (1:50)
2. One Of Many... (1:27)
3. Prison Skin (6:21)
4. Spirals Within Thy Being (7:16)
5. Cosmic Walkers (3:22)
6. No Faced Mindless (5:52)
7. Living Waves (5:45)
8. Vacuum (2:13)
9. Stillness Is Timeless (9:36)
10. Aathma
   Pt. I. Universal Oneness (6:35)
   Pt. II. Spiritual Bliss (4:05)
   Pt. III. One With The Light (5:22)
   Pt. IV. ...Many Of One (3:58)

Total time 63:42

Marc Martins: Vocals
Carlos Lozano: Guitars
Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards, vocals
Tony Mestre: Bass
Sergi Verdeguer: Drums
Filipe Baldaia: Guitars
Paul Masvidal (Cynic, Death): Vocals (1, 7)
Øystein Landsverk (Leprous)
Merethe Soltvedt

The intention here is blatantly obvious: to throw everything, including several kitchen sinks, at this album and create an opus of gargantuan proportions. Aathma is an hour plus of mindbending and bombastic progressive death metal, with lashings of soaring melody, proggy and symphonic stylings, high-level musicianship, atmospheric moments (Vacuum is quite beautiful) and whatever else the band could think of at the time. They even channel Cynic during Living Waves. All culminating in the title track, which is a twenty minute, multi-suite epic, rounding out the album.
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