Monday, February 27, 2017

Stewart Bell "The Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) - Stories From The Antechamber"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: February 27, 2017
Early Days Suite -
1 - A Word, A Name
2 - Rude Awakening
3 - W.I.L.D
4 - First Awareness
5 - Time Dilation
   i - Stretched Piano
   ii - She Never Was
      (a) First Entanglement
      (b) - 81181
6 - Intervention
   i - Sleep Paralysis
   ii - Visitation 1
   iii - Tipulidae Saves The Day
   iv - Visitation 2
7 - The Probability Of Improbability
   i - Purpose
     (a) The Experience of Purpose
     (b) The Purpose of Experience
     (c) Tat Tvam Asi
     (d) Universal Awakening
   ii - Nothing (reprise)
8  - The Cupboard Of Fear (Chewing your Tongue in Cheek mix) - Bonus Track
   i - The Bogeyman
   ii - The First Lesson
   iii - First Awareness
   iv - The Second Lesson
   v - Lucidity

Stewart Bell (Citizen Cain) - vocals, instruments
Phil Allen (Citizen Cain) -  vocals, instruments
Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon) - vocals
Simone Rossetti (The Watch) - vocals
Bekah Mhairi Comrie - vocals

In this second part of Stewart Bell's epic trilogy of concept albums we are once again taken on a journey through the inner realms alongside the main character, The Dreamer and his mentor, The Teacher. Taking place during the same time period as The Antechamber Of Being Part 1 the story follows the main characters as they continue to explore the amazing experiences made possible through lucid dreaming; the weird phenomena inherent with this type of conscious exploration of one's mind; the questions that arise through encounters with seemingly independent dream beings and; the realisations and conclusions that are ultimately reached after a lifetime of dreaming awake.
Time Dilation

Web page  (Citizen Cain)

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