Friday, February 3, 2017

Starbynary "Divina Commedia: Inferno"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Power Metal
Label: Revalve Records (RR86)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: February 3, 2017
1. The Dark Forest (Canto I) (6:47)
2. Gate Of Hell (Canto III) (5:05)
3. In Limbo (Canto IV) (5:03)
4. Paolo E Francesca (Canto V) (5:28)
5. Medusa And The Angel (Canto IX) (6:44)
6. Seventh Circle (Canto XII-XIII-XIV) (5:46)
7. Malebolge (Canto XVIII) (5:50)
8. Soothsayers (Canto XX) (4:33)
9. Ulysse's Journey (Canto XXVI) (5:16)
10. The Tower Of Hunger (Canto XXXII-XXXIII) (5:47)
11. Stars (Canto XXXIV: I Lucifero, II Cosmo, III Finally Ascendant) (11:22)

Total time 67:41

Joe Caggianelli : Vocals
Leo Giraldi : Guitars
Luigi Accardo : Keyboards
Sebastiano Zanotto : Bass
Andrea Janko: Drums
Bea Sinigaglia : Soprano
Valentina Visintin : Choir
Sara Meloni: Violin
Daorsa Dervishi : Flute
Ivan Morari: Voice

A vaguely epic theme to the song titles is joined by a cool sleeve, and both seem suited to the genre tag. “The Dark Forest” then starts it off, a soft beginning full of mood before a massive launch. It’s epic, big and preposterous! There’s a huge wall of sound and the multiple vocals are banked in a choir before ideas just come one after the other. When a straighter section arrives it’s under pinned by some cool music to make it a very bright opening.
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Gate of Hell

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