Thursday, February 16, 2017

Terraformer "Mineral"

Country: Belgium
Genre(s): Instrumental Post Metal
Label: Dunk! Records & Time as a color (both - vinyl) 
Format: digital, vinyl
Release date: February 16, 2017
1. Aegean (8:25)
2. Adamantine (8:18)
3. Amethyst (4:49)
4. Penelope (8:23)
5. Epoch (5:53)
6. The Ether Shell (5:54)

Total time 41:42

Olivier Lambillon : Bass guitar
Lionel Lhoest : Drums
Guillaume Fegatilli : Guitars

This album, their third, contains six heavy post metal anthems and takes you on a forty minutes lasting journey through soundscapes, distorted guitars and meticulous drums.
That being said, don’t let the cover art fool you. The drawing looks like a psychedelic rock album from the seventies but, instead of acts like Jefferson Airplane or Pink Floyd, expect something like Meshuggah writing a post rock album. I think that comes a lot closer to what I’m listening to right now. I know, it might be weird to compare this album to Meshuggah, but if you listen to the harsh, intense, “djenty” guitars on this one, you might understand.
Of course, the music on this album compares more to bands like This Will Destroy You, Russian Circles, Pelican, Isis and so on. With elaborate soundscapes, narrative musical passages and a cinematic atmosphere, Terraformer easily place themselves among the greats of the genre. Besides that, a track like ‘Adamantine’ thrives on these pungent guitar riffs, turning the post-rock sound into something your can brutally bang your head to.
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